Jon Williams



Jon is an entrepreneur, innovator and leader who has worked within the health and fitness sector for over 20 years. His drive and passion is focused on making a positive change to peoples lives by making healthcare and wellbeing more accessible for all.

Jon is the owner and Chief Operating Officer of The Marlow Club, a 3000-member health and fitness club based in Marlow that has amassed a loyal following among locals and celebrities. He is also the founder and CEO of BEANlite, a fitness app designed to help the public get fit, active, and eat healthier.

Jon is heavily involved in helping his local community, serving as a trustee for ‘Meals for Marlow’, a not-for-profit set up by Tom Kerridge and Andy Agar. They are now changing their status to a charity so they can continue their ethos to provide free meals to those who need it most over lockdown. 

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